Gintama Character Clips

gintama gintoki sakata

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki Sakata gets pissed over chocolate parfait

Gintoki Sakata makes a cake at Shinpachi’s dojo

Gintoki Sakata beats up a poor father

Gintoki Sakata headbutts police officer

gintama kagura


Kagura’s first scene

Kagura gets run over by a scooter

Kagura sets off a time bomb

gintama shinpachi

Shinpachi’s first scene

Shinpachi’s drunken sword style

Shinpachi yells Dondake!

hijikata gintama


Hijikata takes pictures of Kagura

Hijikata blows up after smoking a cigarette

Hijikata shares his mayo addiction

okita gintama


Okita attempts to kill Hijikata

Okita sleeps on the job

Okita attempts to kill Gintoki and Hijikata

yamazaki gintama


Yamazaki blows his cover

sachan gintama


Sachan natto’s Gintoki Sakata

gintama kagura elizabeth

Katsura & Elizabeth

Katsura & Elizabeth’s first scene

Katsura owns an Elizabeth Parachute

Elizabeth is Katsura?!


Gintama Fight Scenes

gintama gintoki sakata

Gintoki Sakata

Gintoki vs Shimura

Gintoki vs Hijikata

Gintoki fights in the Rengokukan

gintama kagura


Kagura vs Kijima

Kagura uses Okita as a weapon

hijikata gintama


Hijikata vs Kitaoji

Gintoki Sakata a.k.a. The White Knight/Demon

gintoki sakata a.k.a. the white knight-demon

Gintoki Sakata is the guy you want backing you up in any situation.  He was deemed the title “White Knight” (or White Demon by non-rebel Samurai) for his silver hair and flawlessness in the battles with the rebel Samurai against the Amanto (aliens), known as the “Joi War”, which the Amanto inevitably won.

gintoki sakata a.k.a. the white knight-demon

Gintama takes place after the Joi War where Gintoki understands that resistance towards Amanto will lead to great loss of his comrades rather than victory. Trying to keep his past behind, he has become the boss of “Odd Jobs” working with Kagura and Shinpachi.gintoki-sakata-odd-jobs

When reading the Manga or watching the anime, you’ll also notice how often Gintoki gets himself in very unlucky, almost impossible situations that will make you lol. Many times you’ll yell at the screen, “How the hell is all this happening with Gin-san?!”gintoki-sakata-gintama-shippuden

Even though most people in the anime depict him as a lazy good for nothing or a pervert, they see the kindness within him. Gintoki has a strong sense of his Samurai code of honor and will put others before himself, even if they are strangers.


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