ilovegintamaWhat the hell?! Or in Japanese: DON-DA-KE?!!

Gintama, the anime that can make you say WTF at least 10 times in each episode. There are 2 main “teams” (if you can call them that? o.O): The Yorozuya (Odd Jobs) and Shinsengumi (Special Police Force) which are the main focus with most of the Gintama episodes. The former being as strong, if not stronger than the Shinsengumi!


Based in the Edo Period of Japan, Gintama is by far the most original and funniest anime you will ever watch. I’m usually put off watching anime that has over 200 episodes, but with Gintama, I hope it exceeds 1000!

I’m sure some of you feel the same and understand that words just can’t express the craziness that goes on in the anime. I made this fan site simply because iLoveGintama!

Don’t know what to expect from the anime? Watch the clips below!

Fight Scenes

gintama fight scenes


Gintama parody


gintama characters

Top 5 Gintama Collectibles


Out of my multiple selection of Gintama figures, plush toys, Cosplay, and home accessories, these are my top 5 . I keep Gintoki Sakata, Hijikata, and Katsura dust free in a glass case, however both plush toys of Sadaharu and Okita have seen better days (plush toys are good pillows).